Thursday, 16 July 2015


I have a dream.

I dream that one day the dinner table conversation will start with: "I saw what you did at school today.  Love it."

I dream that a child will understand his mother a little better because he has read his mother's post and gets where she is coming from.

I dream that a brother will actually sit down and read his sister's thoughts.

I dream that family members can be the biggest fans of family members.

Here is one way that may get us closer to realizing this dream: #FamilyBloggingMonth

The guidelines.  There are only 3 parts: Challenge each member of the family to post something in the month of NovemberRead and Comment on each other's posts. Share that you did it.  Simple.

1. Challenge

Talk about it with your family.  "I heard about this crazy idea.  Family Blogging Month."  Talk about digital citizenship: what should a post include and not include, what kind of comments are helpful; what are the effects of hurtful ones? "What should we blog about?".  Three ideas to make the world a better place?  The best part of being in our family?  Our passions?  Our projects?

Riverside's Tech Appropriate Poster

Think up and down.  Think of your kids.  But also think of your parents.  Your parents' parents.  It's a chance to hear from your crazy uncle.  It's an excuse to get your father sharing some of his insights.  It's a chance to hear what makes your mother tick.

2. Post, Read, and Comment

Each member posts on whatever medium works: personal blog, professional blog, social media, lined paper.  But here is the kicker: each member reads each post from each member of the family and meaningfully comments.

3. Share

To the level of your comfortability, share the posts and comments tagged with #familybloggingmonth.  This might be a tweet: "Participated in #familybloggingmonth . Great way to share as a family." You might share each other's posts tagged with #familybloggingmonth . You might not feel comfortable sharing on social media at all.  That's okay.  Sharing on social media isn't the point.

#FamilyBloggingMonth is a reminder that the most important people we share with are our family.  It's a chance to know and be known better by the people who should.  It's a chance to show our closest that we seek to understand them.

There is no mark.  There is no grade.  Only feedback.

So join with me this November for #FamilyBloggingMonth . And if you have the same dream as I do and become a #familybloggingmonth champion at your school, place of business, or circle of friends, let me know.

[Cover photo, “Dinner at 'Lorraine' 1922“, by Blue Mountains City Library licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.]

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