Monday, 1 June 2015

#Eduin30 Thots Year 1

George Couros (+George Couros) had a great idea last March: why not use twitter's video feature to have educators share their thoughts in 30 seconds or less over the medium.   He would introduce a thought provoking question each week and people would give their answers.  Always enjoying an opportunity to share ideas and make connections, I joined in.  Now, that #eduin30 is taking a hiatus over the summer, I thought I would look back at the questions and some of my answers.  Here they are:

I used to think that twitter was a waste of time.  Who wants to hear about somebody else's cat or see a picture of what they made for dinner.  But if you're into reflection, connection, and betterment, there's lots to check out there.  Educators are doing great things with this tool.  I entitled this #Eduin30 Year 1 as I know that something like this is only the beginning.  Who knows what might happen in Year 2. Innovation is only limited by our pride.

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