Flipping 101

Welcome everyone to the Flipping 101 Workshop at CUEBC2015. Today you will be not only be learning about the flipped class, but experiencing what it's all about.  One thing that would be handy to have is a QR code reader


Here are the videos from my presentation:

What is a Flipped Class

What Students Think of the Flipped Class
Flipped Class Apps
An example of a flipclass video
Showing the Differences between a Traditional and a Flipped Classroom
How to Flip a Class - Inside and Out 
And here are the slides

Please share with me how your journey is going! You can find me at @sr_tutor

Prior Knowledge
Join with your coloured groups and share your previous experience/knowledge of the flipped classroom on these padlets.

Green Padlet


Blue Padlet

Yellow Padlet

Pink Padlet

Orange Padlet

Purple Padlet

Divide and Conquer
Find a QR code around the room and watch the Flipped Classroom video it points to.
Then come back and share what you've learned on your Padlet and with the rest of the group.

Personalize Learning
As you share with your group, find another QR code to go to.  Watch that video and share again on your padlet

Your Challenge
When the session is done, I challenge you to create something with your learning.  Whether it is a blog post, podcast, 30 second video or anything else.  Send it to me @sr_tutor and I will send it out.

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